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Gallery submission rules
We will stop accepting free gallery submissions from 1th of May 2010.
If you would like to submit your galleries you can buy a partner account for 50$/month or $120/3 months (3 galleries/day). Hit me on 152-696-424 for new epass info! So you can submit galleries to and for under $50 / month!
Don't hesitate to contact us using SmartThumbs message system if you have any questions or offers.

- Minimum 10 pictures (maximum 25)
- Minimum 3 movies (maximum 12)
- Reciprocal link required. Please use the code below in your galleries:

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- No other recips to other sites
- 3 submissions per day allowed
- Proper category or gallery will be deleted
- Galleries must stay online unchanged for archives
- Description required 45-55 characters in length
- Please describe the content / scene, and not simple state a desire.
- Please use proper capitalization. That means only capitalize the beginning of the description or proper names.
- Please use words for numbers and not numbers themselves.
- Please use proper grammar and punctuation; can't, not cant, looking, not lookin.
- Don't start descriptions with "He" or "They", etc..
- Don't Capitalize The Beginning Of Each Word Like This (!)
- Don't use derogatory terms.
- Don't just cut a word off if description is too long, make one that fits.
- Don't use simply modified descriptions of previously submitted galleries.
- If submissions continue with these I will give a warning first, and later will just delete your account.

Public gallery submission form is closed.
Come back laters.